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FotoFacial (a.k.a. Forever Young™ BBL)

FotoFacial, a.k.a. Forever Young™ BBL is a revolutionary treatment that improves:

  • Skin texture and tone
  • Brown spots
  • Red spots and spider veins
  • Fine wrinkles

On the left, patient at age 43. On the right,
patient at age 55 after 12 years of Forever Young treatments.

Why is it so exciting? A study at Stanford demonstrated that Forever Young™ treatments actually change the gene expression of treated skin to more closely resemble the gene expression of younger skin. In another study, patients who receive annual or semi-annual treatments looked younger at the end of the 10 year study than they did at the start. The best part? Forever Young™ has no downtime, other than some mild redness and darkening of sunspots which can easily be covered with makeup. See the scientific papers, as well as before and after pictures, at Sciton’s website.

What is BBL, and how does it work?***

Extrinsic (outside the body) factors such as sun and toxins in the environment cause damage to our skin. This damage appears as fine wrinkles, dark spots, and redness or small blood vessels (capillaries or telangiectasias).

BroadBand Light, also known as intense pulsed light (IPL), uses light filtered into specific wavelengths to treat these signs of aging.

BBL can target the small blood vessels on the face which cause redness, causing these blood vessels to shut down and be broken down by the body. BBL can also target the pigment which makes dark spots. This pigment is then brought to the skin surface, and flakes off over the next one to two weeks.

BBL has no downtime, and minimal discomfort comparable to a mild sunburn. Depending on your goals, you may need several treatments 2-4 weeks apart.

BBL can improve the appearance of sun damage and even some birthmarks.

Before and After Photos***


***All patient results may vary, these procedures are for cosmetic purposes only and results are not guaranteed, nor are permanent. All patients are different and in no way will any procedures be alike, nor the recovery period.