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Laser Micropeel

What is a Micro Laser Peel?

A micropeel is different from a traditional laser peel only in terms of depth. While a traditional laser peel may take off the entire outer layer of skin, a micropeel takes a fraction of this thickness. This means shorter healing time.

Before Your Peel

  • SPF 30 Sunscreen – It is very important to protect your skin from the sun both before and after your peel. For this reason, we recommend you apply a moisturizer every morning with an SPF of at least 30. Reapply every two hours if you are out in the sun. Use this product right up until the day of your peel.
  • Acyclovir – The irritation of a peel may cause you to get a cold sore, even if you aren’t normally prone to them. Adding a cold sore on top of already irritated skin may lead to scarring or changes in pigmentation. Acyclovir (Valtrex) twice a day beginning two days before your peel, and continuing for five days afterward will help to prevent any cold sores.
  • Tretinoin 0.5% – Tretinoin, or RetinA, thins the outer layer of your skin and increases collagen turnover. Tretinoin can be very irritating to your skin, so we recommend you stop using this product at least two days before your peel.
  • Hydroquinone – This product helps fade dark spots and make skin tone more even. You can use hydroquinone right up to the day of your peel.

Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin), and any blood thinners for at least 7 days before your peel. Ask your physician about any herbal medications you take to see if they increase the chances of bruising. You may take Tylenol.

The Day of Your Peel

  • We recommend you have someone drive you to and from your peel, as you may have some slight discomfort afterwards.
  • Arrive at least an hour before your peel. We will apply a topical anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the peel, and this takes time to become effective.
  • During your peel you may have a slight stinging sensation. Afterwards patients commonly feel a strong sunburn feeling for up to an hour. Icepacks and ibuprofen or Tylenol help with this discomfort.

After Your Peel***

Depending on the depth of your peel, it will take your skin up to several days to heal. During this time it is important you take excellent care of your skin to speed healing. You will be given detailed instructions at the time of your visit. The basic idea is to keep your skin clean and moist. Once it is healed, you may begin wearing makeup and sunscreen again. Expect some flaking and peeling for several days, but do not pick at your skin, as this may cause scarring.

Before and After Photos***


***All patient results may vary, these procedures are for cosmetic purposes only and results are not guaranteed, nor are permanent. All patients are different and in no way will any procedures be alike, nor the recovery period.