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What is a monsplasty?

The pubic mons is the hair-bearing skin over the pubic bone. After pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss, the mons may become ptotic (saggy) or appear puffy from excess fat. A monsplasty is done to flatten and lift the mons, making the area less noticeable in clothing.

A monsplasty may involve liposuction to remove fat, excision of excess skin, or a combination of the two. Surgery is done as an outpatient, and can be done under local anesthesia with oral pain medication, or under general anesthesia. Bruising and swelling are common postoperatively, and can take several weeks to resolve completely. Most patients need anywhere from a few days up to a week off work to recover.

***All patient results may vary, these procedures are for cosmetic purposes only and results are not guaranteed, nor are permanent. All patients are different and in no way will any procedures be alike, nor the recovery period.